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Wrap Aftercare

Vehicle Wraps Aftercare Vehicle wraps are loved by most of the car owners out there because they can easily transform their old car into an amazing and new-looking car that others would surely give a second glance. Aside from that, they also help in protecting as well as maintaining the original hue and appearance of the car. What is most good at this is that it can be removed effectively anytime that you want to recreate your car’s original look or change it to something new. The sense of flexibility of customizing the appearance of a car, van or even truck is really one of the best tools that man has ever created regarding cars.

With a very wide variety of car wrap film colors, options and finishes, you can have many personalization alternatives for what appearance you desire for your car and the choices are literally endless. Though that is the case, finding the best one with a high quality is sometimes a daunting task, and taking care of the vehicle wrap and maintaining it is even more daunting. Many people usually change their vehicle wraps from time to time, not for the reason of customizing it or they want a new car appearance but for reasons that their vehicle wrap is cracking, dried or the color is already fading.

Most people would cringe when they see a vehicle wrap that is not well taken care of. A vehicle wrap, no matter how good its quality is, needs proper care and regular maintenance. So if you notice that your wrap is cracking, dried or already fading, then you must have failed to take care of it properly. Maybe it is time to change your ways to prolong the life of your vehicle wrap and at the same time save that money inside your pocket.

It wouldn’t take much to take care of your vehicle wrap properly to multiply its life, and one must always remember that the wrap requires maintenance and regular cleaning just like the rest of the whole vehicle itself. To enjoy its vibrant color and overall performance to your car, you should wash your wrap regularly and keep it away from pollutants. Below are some of the effective cleaning and maintenance procedures in keeping your vehicle wrap look at its best like it is brand new and keep its life long lasting that will surely allow you to enjoy the best out of your investments.

Do's and Don'ts


  1. Always keep your vehicle wrap clean
    • Wash your car whenever it appears dirty and rinse the dirt and grit off with a spray of water.
    • Use a wet and non-abrasive detergent and a clean sponge or soft cloth in cleaning your car then rinse it thoroughly with water.
    • In order to reduce or minimize water spotting on your car, you can use a clean silicone squeegee in removing the water and then dry it with the use of a microfiber cloth.
    • Always keep a microfiber in your trunk to be always ready anytime the dirt on your car starts collecting more and more.
  2. Test a certain cleaner first on a small area of your car before using it on larger areas to avoid damaging the vehicle wraps
    • You can’t avoid difficult contaminants like bird droppings, bug splatter and tree sap from being a mess on your car. You can soak them with a very hot and soapy water for a few minutes to soften them and then rinse it thoroughly and dry. If more than that is needed, it is advisable to test the product first in a small and inconspicuous area before using it on larger ones to ensure that no damage will be inflicted to the vehicle wrap film.
    • If there are fuel spills, it is better to wipe them off immediately in order to avoid degrading the adhesive and vinyl.
  3. Although hand-washing is the most preferred cleaning method in taking care of wrap, you can also use pressure washing because it ensure that the water pressure is effectively kept below 14 MPa, the water temperature is below 80°C, and they use a spray nozzle which has a 40° wide angle spray pattern and they keep tit 1 foot away from the graphic which is very effective in avoiding lifting the edges of the wrap film.
    • If you have your car professionally detailed then make sure that they use a product or wax that is hundred percent safe for vinyl.
  4. Let your car wrap air dry or dry it with the use of a microfiber cloth, rather than using the high-powered air blowers in the market.
  5. Store your car indoors or under cover as much as possible
    • Wrap films are degraded and can be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun and other atmospheric pollutants, particularly on its horizontal areas like the hood, roof and trunk lid. Protect it also from rain or dew which may contain some acidic pollutants. If you don’t have a garage, you can cover it with a cloth at night.
    • Immediately have an expert or professional remove your vehicle wrap from your car when the wrap film starts to fade, turn brown or discolor to prevent staining your car’s underlying paint.


  1. Do not use abrasive tools or rough scrubbing in cleaning your car because it can damage and scratch the car wrap.
  2. Do not use a buffer when putting wax or polish to the wrap.
  3. Do not use automatic or automated car washes that use high pressure water sprayers or bristles because the brush-type procedure can abrade the wrap film that causes the lifting or chipping of the edges and it can dull the wrap film’s appearance.
  4. Do not let corrosive substances to stay in contact with the vinyl. After washing it, dry it immediately because water also contains minerals that can wear away the wrap.
  5. Do not use a standard wax or polish on any textured finish. Using a rear defrosters or rear windshield wipers on your perforated window graphics is not also recommended unless necessary because it can damage it the graphics.