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Why are Vehicle Wraps Important?

Vehicle wraps are a technique that has been used typically on commercial vehicles for the purpose of branding and advertising, but now, this is increasingly being adopted by many different owners of private vehicles. The process involved in vehicle wraps covers the entire exterior of vehicle in an adhesive, malleable, thin vinyl. Once the vinyl is already applied and position, it will be trimmed away from around the door jambs, windows, trim details, and panel gaps. Afterwards, it will be thoroughly stuck down to the paintwork removing the trapped air underneath the vinyl by using a soft sponge along with a heat gun in order to help it follow and work around the vehicle contours.

The primary reason why many people are now using vehicle wrapping is to have a complete change of color for their vehicle. In the past, if you are planning to change your vehicle’s color, you would need to have it completely repainted, while vehicle wrapping can offer an attractive and more affordable alternative solution.

There are many advantages in making your vehicle wrapped instead of repainted, and the main one is the cost involved. Even though a complete vehicle wrap would still be an expensive investment, this is still far cheaper than a full repaint.

Furthermore, repainting is very messy, labor intensive and time-consuming process which can only be done by professionals that can push up the cost even more. On the other hand, the vehicle wraps are completely opposite. These can be applied little by little, no mess for vehicle owner, and if correctly applied by an experienced fitter, satisfaction would be guaranteed.

The car is simply decontaminated and washed, some exterior components and trimmed and removed, and the vinyl wrapping is applied. At the beginning of the process, more than one person is required, applying and positioning the vinyl large sheet correctly, but once roughly applied and positioned, other jobs can be done individually.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping and Graphic Installation

Vehicle wrapping and graphic installation entirely helps in passive promotion of brands and this is considered as the most economical way of marketing and advertising. The very impressive car wraps and graphics basically propagate exact marketing message to the customers and create effective brand awareness. This vehicle personalization is becoming the most successful marketing mode nowadays because of the following exclusive benefits of car wrapping and graphic installation:

Expressive and Catchy

Without a doubt, car wraps are catchy because usually they’re printed in pretty designs and bright colors. This can attract the attention of mass audience and can instantly convey a marketing message. If your business is conducting an end-sale event, introducing new products, or having special festival offers, a vehicle wrapping is the most effective to promote. Even when your vehicle is stuck in traffic or parked somewhere, it would still convey the message to anyone around it. The design of the wrap, content and logo greatly contribute in order to make it completely eye catching.


Vehicle graphic installation is the most cost effective way of advertising and marketing due to the fact that it involves very low production costs and prized materials. There are primarily constructed with vinyl materials that are cost-effective and very durable. Therefore, for a newly opened business that has a limited budget for advertising, vehicle wraps would be the perfect one to create brand awareness. Aside from the banner wrapping, graphic installation, or sign writing, this also has a longer durability with a much less investment. In addition to that, vehicle vinyl wrapping is much more resistance to weather which cannot easily fade or remove.

Increased Sales

As car wraps improves the brand awareness as well as your business visibility, it will be then directly affect your sales. More and more people will get to know your business, your offers, service and discounts, which will increase the chances for you to get higher sales.


Car wrapping and graphic installation is not all about business advertising and marketing; this is also for vehicle owners who also want to have beautify their own cars. The car wrapping and graphic installation can also be personalized and customized based on your own tastes and needs. This can also be applied for decals and other car exterior designs.

On the Road Graphics: Vehicle Wraps Services
One of the best ways to personalize or customize your vehicle’s look is through the application of vinyl vehicle wrapping, and On the Road Graphics will virtually wrap any kinds of vehicles for you the way you’d like it. We have a very talented and experienced team for graphic design that will work with you in creating effective wraps for your business vehicle, for your company trucks and vans, or even for your own personal cars.

We will Wrap Any Size of Vehicles for You
Probably, you have already seen slick sports car on the road with camo-vehicle or carbon fiber wraps, but cars are not the only kind of vehicles that we work with. We are also creating wraps for small Smart Cars, and huge wraps for trailer trucks and vans.

If your team in racing needs a graphic design for toy hauler or the team is traveling with a motor and trailer home, you can still talk to use about our custom trailer and truck wraps. If your business is a food truck, we also create amazing food truck wraps. You know that it is very important to ensure that the graphics applied on your business truck are vibrant and very appealing for your entire customers.

Customized Vehicle Wraps
Most of the companies that own several trucks on road each will receive fleet vehicle wraps that are designed as a mobile advertisement. And you are lucky enough to know that you don’t need to have many vehicles in order to experience our customized vehicle wraps suited for your business.

OTR Graphics: Our Special Vehicle Vinyl Wraps
One of the reasons why our entire clients are speaking positively of their experience with us is because of our very satisfying and dedicated team for graphic design. We provide the best designing and can get your business vision just right. Our team can possibly work with you in-house, in order to ensure you can receive what you really desire.