Frequently Asked Questions

A vehicle wrap is a colored graphic film that is applied directly to your vehicle by a graphics installer. It’s an easy way to add accents to your vehicle, or change the color completely.
​Vehicle wrap design options are almost limitless. For example, 3M™ Print Wrap Film Series 1080 comes in more than 100 colors and a variety of texture options, including brushed, carbon fiber, matte, satin and gloss. You can either choose a single color or finish, or layer them for a custom combination.
While costs range from a few hundred dollars for accents to a few thousand dollars for a full vehicle wrap, the final tally depends on your specific needs. This includes the size of the vehicle, how much of the vehicle is being wrapped, the film you select, the complexity of the processing, and installation.
You should expect your car wrap to last roughly five to seven years, depending on the finish and proper maintenance.
Car wrap film is thin and flexible, which allows it to conform beautifully to the contours of your vehicle. So while it can be applied over imperfections, like paint chips, be aware that it will conform to them – not cover them. Before spending the time and money to wrap a damaged or rusted vehicle, I recommend repairing it first.
Keeping your vehicle wrap clean will help preserve its appearance. Car wraps can be washed: you can take the vehicle through a brushless car wash or hand wash. Hand waxing your vehicle wrap will also help protect it.
The majority of the time spent is on the development of the vehicle graphics design concept. The length of this depends directly on how much direction and input you provide as well as your response time. However, we can have concepts to you in just a couple of days. After the graphic stage is finalized, we enter production. This takes a few days. We print and let the media used dry. We then laminate followed by cutting. Then we move to the final stage, installation. This will take between 1 & 3 days depending on graphic size, vehicle type and, of course, scheduling.
Absolutely. The wrap is actually applied to the vehicle using heat and pressure-sensitive adhesives that can be reactivated and removed by our installers. The removal process is short and does not damage the vehicle.
Normally, a wrap can stay between 4 to 6 years on the vehicle depending on conditions, care and overall treatment. At On The Road Graphics, we use the very best Avery and 3M products available in the industry. Each component is backed with a proven warrantee. Vinyls have 5 – 6 year manufacturer warrantees while our solvent inks have a range of 3 – 7 years. We also use lamination that acts as a protective film against many abrasive cleaning applications and protects the print from minor scratches and regular wear-and-tear.
Absolutely! In fact, the creative design process is our strength at On The Road Graphics. Our customers communicate their vision and messaging objectives and we take it from there, providing you with options to choose from. To streamline the process, customers supply us with their (high resolution) logos, photos, and other supporting images, and we then create the graphics in a format that best fits the vehicle. We can use existing (stock) photography if a customer does not have any they feel is appropriate for their vehicle wrap.
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